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Towards energy independence

Our company designs, installs, renovates, maintains and connects energy production and management systems, including renewable energies.
It imports and markets photovoltaic panels, batteries and energy storage systems.

Photovoltaic panels

V-TAC solar panels are engineered to produce energy beyond tolerance standards, with unique Half-Cut technology to reduce heat spots.
PID resistance means that our solar panels maintain their energy capacity despite high voltages, temperatures, humidity and other potential risk factors.
With RG3 lenses and a textured cellular surface design, they maintain excellent performance even on overcast days.
V-TAC panels guarantee optimum power output for 25 years.

Panneaux solaires pas chers
Onduleurs et Batteries solaires


Often called the brain of a solar system, Theinverter is one of the most critical components of solar energy, as it converts it into useful energy (direct current (DC) from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) used by domestic and commercial appliances). Solar inverters are therefore a crucial part of a solar installation.
V-TAC’s range of solar inverters has evolved to become more intelligent,
– operating with or without grid connection,
– integrating panel and battery management,
– performing other functions such as data monitoring and remote control of utilities.


Having batteries in your solar power system gives you greater energy autonomy. We offer different types of safe, reliable battery solutions to meet energy storage needs based on a variety of factors (solar panel size, on-grid or off-grid system, back-up power requirements and kWh energy consumption at night). Our batteries are modular and scalable to easily reach your energy target. Some of our batteries are IP65 rated for year-round outdoor use.

Batteries solaires - indépendance énergétique

Hydrogen and solar energy

Hydrogen and solar = the perfect combination for green energy

Hydrogen will play a major role in the decentralization of our energy network and bring energy production closer to users. Volta-Swiss is an official partner of GRZ technology, a Swiss-based company that provides a patented hydrogen storage system developed by EPFL. We also have access to Hyundai’s fuel cell technology. The best technology available for your hydrogen storage.

Our strengths

  • Products developed in Europe
  • Quality control by a laboratory in Europe
  • Secure access to your offers and conditions online 24/7
  • Super-competitive battery prices
  • Administrative management of connection applications / subsidies – AC DC installations
  • Robust packaging – pallets deposited directly on the roof
  • Plug and play installation – inverters and batteries with integrated grid management!
  • Additional batteries available on plug and play
  • Smartphone control software with Data. Data can be exported to Excel files.
  • Technical support via videoconference from our Swiss engineers
  • View available stock online. In stock => 2 weeks delivery
  • Warranty standard exchange – no repair
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