Turnkey solar installation

Homeowners, take control of your energy costs: generate and store your electricity with a scalable solar array.

Choosing the right solar system shouldn’t be a headache

If this sounds familiar, don’t be put off any longer. Our team of experts is here to advise you on the ideal solar solution, for considerable savings on your electricity bill.

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The advantages of a solar installation

Save with free solar energy

Generate energy all year round and reduce your electricity bills.

Achieve 60-80% energy independence

Store your own solar energy and avoid power cuts.

Control your energy costs with no surprises

Free yourself from energy distributors and no longer have to put up with constant rises in the price of electricity.

Solar installation with battery in Lausanne and the canton of Vaud
Help protect the environment

Help save our planet by reducing your carbon footprint with solar energy.

Maximise your savings with subsidies

Take advantage of subsidies for the thermal insulation of your roof and your solar installation.

The Volta Swiss solar solution


Complete project management, from roof installation to administrative procedures and subsidies.


Production and storage capacity that can be expanded as your energy needs evolve.


A system tailored to your energy needs, designed specifically for you.

Volta Swiss solar solution, French-speaking Switzerland

Guaranteed return on investment thanks to intelligent management and energy storage.

Guaranteed & Certified

Peace of mind for decades to come, thanks to equipment warranties ranging from 10 to 30 years, in compliance with European standards.

Your plan for energy independence

Your solar energy expert for profitable, worry-free installation

Solar power plant with battery around Lausanne, built by Volta Swiss
Personalized advice

Make an informed decision with honest and transparent advice from our roofing and solar energy experts.

Complete management

Our team will take care of every aspect, from assessing your roof to administrative procedures and grant applications.

Solar power plant with battery around Lausanne, built by Volta Swiss
Solar power plant with battery around Lausanne, built by Volta Swiss
Multidisciplinary expertise

Benefit from superior quality and a single point of contact thanks to our expertise in electrical engineering, carpentry and timber construction.

What our customers say

Invest in your energy independence

Avoid inappropriate installations

You could end up with a non-upgradeable installation that doesn’t meet your needs. Cela entraînerait des coûts supplémentaires élevés pour une mise à niveau ou des modifications ultérieures.

No more exorbitant electricity bills!

Ecological report for the 1st quarter of 2024 :

37.3 m2 photovoltaic installation with 10 kW intelligent hybrid inverter and 10 kWh LiFePO4 storage battery for a 3-person family villa, with air/water heat pump heating system, swimming pool and charging point for hybrid car. Total cost of installation CHF 25,400.00. Final price after subsidies and tax deductions CHF 17,000.00.

Controlling your energy costs starts with a free consultation

Make the right decision with honest, transparent advice on the solar system that’s right for you.

Javier Pineda, Volta Swiss solar installation consultant

Javier Pineda, Your solar installation consultant

Plan your consultation with our solar energy expert

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